Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So Far This Summer.....

Summer is already off to a great start! We just finished putting up some hay today. Still more to do, but we already put up about 200 bales. We've got it down to a science: Mum driving the truck, Dad stacking in the trailer, AJ and I loading bales. Then, back at the house, it's Mum stacking in the loft, AJ taking them off the hay elevator, me putting them on, and Dad unloading. Mum and I both agree; haying is our favorite seasonal chore. As Mum says, "It's a great satisfaction to see a barn full of hay and know you're set for the year." And, of course, it smells wonderful. So earthy and sweet.

Another family tradition also makes haying one of our favorite chores.....the promise of a Coolata from Dunkin Doughnuts afterwards! :)

Aside from haying, the garden is also starting to do very well. Mum's been working very hard in it. Her cabbages are beginning to form heads, the onions are growing quite large, and the gooseberries are ripe! Plus, Mum and I were very excited to harvest our first batch of spinach!!!! We couldn't get over how prettily green it was. The pictures don't do it justice!!

Happy Fourth!

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