Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Gardening!

We've started harvesting from the garden! Almost everything is doing very well......Mum's put a lot of effort into our veggie garden this year. There are also a lot of things that we haven't grown much before (like melons, carrots, and cabbage) that are doing awesome!

Here are some pictures of what we've harvested so far......
White Radish......we'd actually forgotten that we'd planted the white variety! 

Our very first cabbage!!!! Needless to say, we had some magnificent cole slaw last night....

Carrots!!!!!!! These are by far the best we've ever grown. We dug up quite a few today, but there's still another bed full! We planted those a week after this, so we'll wait a bit and then harvest them.

Another radish! Mum took this picture while I was away. It was huge!

Aside from these, there are also green beans ready to be picked, a lot of healthy tomato plants, and some beautiful sunflowers and marigolds. Then there are some melons and yard long beans that are still quite small, and some cucumbers, which we're attempting to grow up a trellis, that are just developing little babies.

Happy gardening! Please tell us about your harvesting successes in the comments! :)

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