Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Decorating The Bathroom

I was at the fair for the weekend, and when I came home.....WOW! THE BATHROOM WAS BRIGHT BLUE!!!!! Mum got busy and painted it. I must say, it's much brighter, and happier, and crisper with the new colors.

Our hope was to do it in a Victorian era inspired decor. The woodwork has always been stained the dark brown, but it pops out a lot more with the blue as a back drop. The blue itself is very Victorian, that time being famous for the loud colors and frivolous furnishings. The white curtains with some lace look even whiter up against color, and the longer length gives them some graceful flow.

We also have some prints to decorate with....all Victorian looking. When we get those up, I'll be sure to post some pictures so you can see the finished room! We have some ideas for the floor, as well.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Our post more once it is completely finished. :D

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