Monday, June 4, 2012


It seems that almost every year, our family is blessed with some adorable animal to take care of to foster for a while.....there was our little of 5-day old kittens two years ago, our orphaned guinea hen last year, and this year....raccoon's!!!!!

Our elderly neighbor found these two adorable 1-2 month old baby raccoon's on the side of the road, and everyone on the road carefully watched them all day. As it got later, and there had still been no sight of Mama, we decided to catch the babies and put them somewhere safe for the night. Mum (being the resourceful one she is) picked them both up and walked them home, where she put them in an empty wire cage with plenty of soft hay. She next drove them up to our neighbor's garage, on the property where they were found, to spend the night.

We got the 'kittens' on Friday, and it's Monday now. Mum's been feeding them milk out of pet bottles, and our neighbor, who is tickled pink by them, has been giving them some wet cat food. There's still no sign of Mama, but they are both eating well so far. We were all very surprised about how tame they already were; they may hiss when you pick them up, but they've never tried to hiss, bite, or lash out at us.

Please check back often! I will be posting regular updates about the little creatures.

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