Monday, May 21, 2012

NH Farmer-Wife

So, hi, I'm Gillian. I'm a 15 year-old high school student living in NH, and my Mum is Carla. Actually, she's the reason I'm writing this blog.

Someone once said to my mom, "You're such a farmer's wife!", to which Mum quickly replied, "I'm no Farmer's Wife, I'm a Farmer-Wife!". She was right! Not to say that my dad doesn't help out around our family homestead, it just seems that the pioneering spirit runs deeper in Mum's veins than in his. 

I've been toying with the idea of writing a blog about my mom for a while, mainly because there's so much material. Mum homeschools my brother and I, is the leader of our amazing 4H club, and runs her own machine quilting business. She owns four horses, enjoys fox hunting, and has been teaching herself to ride side-saddle! She also grows veggies for our table, cans peaches and makes jam, butchers chickens, hatches eggs, sews, and heats our entire house by wood. She truly wears many hats (literally! we're also really into vintage-style clothes!). 

Another reason I thought writing this might be nice is because her quilting customers are always asking her questions. Some of the long distance ones are curious about our lifestyle here in New England, seeing they've never been able to visit our beloved family farm. Maybe this will provide a peek into the (sometimes hectic) Yankee family life.  

I'm sitting downstairs in the sewing room with Mum. Through the door, I can distinctly hear the sound of The Simpsons coming from the living room...we simply can't leave the boys (my brother, AJ, and Dad) together, apparently, without them getting into some mischief we don't put up with when we're in the room... :)

So, this ends our first post! I now officially take on the role of Dr. Watson, carefully recording the happenings of my brilliant friend, Sherlock...

...but I call her 'Mum'

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